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Mod and Admin God rules and restrictions

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Mod and Admin God rules and restrictions

Post by † Amnz † on Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:00 pm

Firstly, being a moderator or an admin is a great responsibility. They must follow the same in and out of character rules that everyone else follows, and must enforce those rules as well. When the owner is away these users are the alpha dogs and keep the site running smoothly. That being said a moderator and admin must be chosen carefully to make sure that a good and fair person is picked for the job.

All new moderators will go through 6 months of training and observation from the site owner. They will not get their god character until after they have passed the allotted time span worth of judgement and are deemed worthy of the long term job. Full God or goddess characters are reserved for moderators only unless you've been grandfathered in while coming over from another site. The site owner holds the right to withhold a moderator position from any new and senior moderators on account of bad behavior, inactivity, or complete desertion of the game.

   If a senior moderator (one that has been a moderator for more than a year) realizes that they can't stay and must abandon their duties then their god will be put up for adoption by the site owner (unless they are grandfathered in form another site. this is explained at the bottom of the page). Newer moderators in training can adopt this god if they wish. The senior moderator, now made a normal user after giving up their god character, can keep their other characters no matter how inactive they may be.

Moderators are to help clear out finished threads and move them to the library section under history of Teranaysia tab. Threads should be placed in date order for example all posts made in the year 2015 will go to the 2015 year section when they are finished. The more moderators we have the less work this will be for everyone. As more moderators are added the duties will be split up among them. The best we could hope for is one moderator per forum section.

An admin is chosen from the list of senior moderators, and in order to obtain their primal god character they must remain active on the site doing their duties for a full year of observation by the site owner. Only 4 admin slots are open as there are only 4 primal gods in this story.

If an admin must leave the site or is found no longer capable of doing their work the site owner will take their primal god character and put it up for adoption again until a new admin is chosen.

Admin's are to help out the site owner directly by switching the role play game's skins during the holidays to winter themed images then back to the normal skin again after the holidays, making sure the mods are being active and holding bi-monthly meetings to discuss important site matters, approving or turning down and creating new sub boards for sub territories that in character creatures find and submit, and planning for in character board wide plots that will effect every character on site.

Both admins and moderators are required to help answer general questions about the site, enforce in character and out of character rules, submitting users to be banned from the site along with proof of the problems said users are causing to the site owner for review and judgement, and lastly to keep everybody happy. Nobody likes a grumpy mod or admin.

Demi gods can be played by regular players and can become inactive as a result. The players can still keep these characters despite their inactivity.

A note about grandfathered in gods and goddesses. These are characters that are brought from one reality (a different role play site) to this reality (Teranaysia.) These characters will have to go through approval like any other character, but judgement may be less severe in the application process as long as these gods can still be defeated by primal gods, and perhaps by the godly counterparts in this reality. Any gods coming from another site can keep the history they've had from the other site in their profile, but they must not have any prior knowledge of Teranaysia. If the site owner has had experience role playing with a user on another site or watching them moderate on another site for a prolonged period of time, and that user comes to Teranaysia with their character; the admin may allow them a chance at a moderator position without the trial of 6 months.
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