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Golden Mists AGWP

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Golden Mists AGWP

Post by Yokubō on Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:42 pm

Yokubo was still chasing his rhino through the mist turned gold by the early sun shine cast upon it. The swirling mists he had not cared enough to observe were being distorted. Strange striations appeared in the mists as the rhino and dragon powered through them. Yokubo had been on flat ground inside a forest, but as he and the rhino crossed some invisible barrier the ground suddenly changed from thick underbrush to rocky substrate. The mists cleared just as the lightwing launched himself at the rhino and tripped him. When the rhino fell he fell hard and Yokubo took his chance to tear at the creatures throat. Quickly the beast died while it tried in vain to get onto its knees. Yokubo made sure that it stayed on the ground.

The mists were no longer golden with the rays of the sun passing through them. Instead a cold wind blew against the dragon chilling him to the bone. The fog was lifting higher now, the mists coiling away into the air and disappearing. It was only about 55 degrees Fahrenheit on the mountain, but for a lightwing who lived in jungles and temperate forests the cool was dangerous for him. He could get sick.

Looking around Yokubo finally got to see the landscape. It was a dramatic change from the temperate forest he had been hunting in only minutes ago. Instead the mountainous landscape with pines, spruce, and juniper was full of hard sharp rocks. Stunned by what he was seeing Yoku stepped away form his kill.

"How did the forest... No.. How did I get in the mountains? These rocks and the... where did the undergrowth go?" Bo stood there confused as he gazed at the totally unfamiliar landscape. Then, not wanting to waste the meal, he began to eat continuing to gaze at the landscape as he did so.


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