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In Character Rules

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In Character Rules

Post by † Amnz † on Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:54 pm

1) Swear words and derogatory ideas are allowed in character and unlike our out of character rules your creature does not have to be respectful and all that jazz. Characters of varying temperaments and morals will be all over this site eventually and many will probably use foul language or be buttholes in general. This site is open to everyone, and as all internet things are young people will fake their ages to get in, so if you do make an adult thread with sexual stuff, curse words, or any controversial ideas please put a WA someplace in the title. WA = Warning Adult. A list of thread titles and abbreviations like this one will be provided in a separate rule thread.  

2) In character bullying and harassment is allowed, but remember that some people may have had bad experiences in real life with these kinds of things. If someone does have a problem please try to talk it out with the other user in private messages not in the in character. You can always ask someone to change the content of a post by sending them a private message if it bothers you or if there is some kind of problem with it. Just remember that in some cases a characters personality may not allow its owner to change a post if it really is something that character would be doing or saying in that situation.

3) No power playing is allowed on this site unless the one doing so has express permission from the owner(s) of the character(s) being power played. If permission is given it must be visible on the top of the posts that the power playing character, and the character(s) being power played make (only for the posts being affected). An example explanation is here below:

Joey gave permission to Tony that his character could literally drag his character to a party.

Tony makes sure to say that his character had permission to power play Joey's character at the top of his post doing just that. He writes at the top this... "Joey gave me permission to pp his character getting pulled along to the party by mine"

Joey then posts how his character was injured, but includes that permission was granted for this power play to Tony at the top of his post writing this... "Yeah gave Tony permission to do that"

In some cases a character may be given permission to assume things of other characters as well, and this also must be shown at the top of the posts being affected.

4) You must be 18 years for U.S. citizens, whatever the legal adult age is in your country, or older to be on this site. If you are found out to be younger than what is allowed you will be banned permanently.

5) Double posting is looked down upon in out of character. Reserve that for out of character art threads, the random area, or bumping threads that haven't been answered for more than a week (7 days) time. A part from bumping old threads double posting with a single character is not allowed in the in character threads.

6) Bumping is only allowed after 7 days have passed where no one has posted on an in character or out of character topic.

If you have a problem with someone who has broken any of these rules and want to alert the staff about them you must give as much proof as possible. Screenshots are awesome because words typed into a chat or copy pasted can be changed while screenshots won't allow for changes.. If there's no proof no one can do anything about it. In extreme cases where rules are broken in private messages the site owner may even ask for your login information to see the private messages in order to slap down some justice to the rule breaker. SO make sure you have no real information about you in your user profile. After we are done with investigation please change your passwords so even we can't get on again. We like you to keep your privacy.  

Mods and admins are especially chosen to be impartial so that they may see both sides of the argument. This ensures the most fair judgement. If a problem is brought to their attention they must also bring it to the attention of the site owner, who will review how they take care of the situation to make sure decisions are sound.
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