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Territory Creation Application

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Territory Creation Application

Post by † Amnz † on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:17 pm

Use this form to create your own sub territory. Full territory applications are only open during special events on site, but sub territories can be made at any time! Caution, in order to make a sub territory, ten of your own posts in the thread must be above 100 words each to qualify for approval of the subterritory. After you reach ten posts of this quality you no longer have to continue doing larger posts.


[b]Picture:[/b] Link or post the picture of your sub territory here.
[b]Sub territory name:[/b] name here
[b]Sub territory summary:[/b] put the summary of your territory, basically what it looks like, here. The summary must be larger than 150 words.
[b]What full territory is your sub territory located in?:[/b] Full territories are all of the main in character forum topics for example The Smoking Ocean, Scaled Land Desert, Tall Bark Forest, Sea of Chills,  Wide Blue Ocean, ect...
[b]Who founded the sub territory?:[/b] What character(s) first found the sub territory?
[b]Thread link:[/b] Link the thread here so we can easily find it and more quickly approve your territory.
† Amnz †
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