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Species Element and Power Limitations

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Species Element and Power Limitations

Post by † Amnz † on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:34 pm

As this is a highly magical role play there have to be limitations that are clearly defined for the creatures in this game in general. This guide will go over limitations for different elemental powers and will describe what kinds of mortality and immortality there are on this site.



The most notable limitations on creatures will have to be the temperature their flames can reach. Many believe that fire color determines its heat, which is kinda right and kinda wrong. While that's true for particular substances being burned and can be incorporated in this role play, flames in general can be many colors at many different temperatures. Even at the same temperature a flame could be red or another blue. So instead of basing a creatures fire power on its color we go based off of what temperature it is and what it can melt. Since there are so many different creatures on this site we will only put the three creatures with the lowest power who have the ability to use the fire element and the three creatures with the highest power using the fire element to save some space. If you are not one of these creatures but can use fire assume that your power is anywhere in between the six aforementioned creatures. Demi, semi, full gods, and primal gods are excluded from this list. List goes from lowest power at the top to highest power fire users at the bottom.

 1)The creatures with the third highest temperature flames are dragons. While not all dragons can use the fire element those who can may range between - and - degrees F. The wide range in fire temperatures is due to the genetics of the dragons using fire. Fire using dragon breeds can out-cross with dragons breeds that don't use fire at all, and the resulting offspring may or may not be able to use weak or somewhat strong fire.
 3) The creatures who can use the highest temperature flames in the game are the phoenixes believe it or not. Their magic and fire power makes up for their horrible physical defense, mediocre speed, and low physical attacking power. Their fire temperatures can range between - and - degrees F.


On this site there are different kinds of immortality, and many more that have no names. If anyone has another kind of immortality to add to this very basic list please make a thread in the ideas and suggestions area. The kinds of immortality we cover below we will go by numbers for now as some don't have good names to reference them by.

1) totally immortal in that even if someone were to destroy and kill the character they would poof back into existence randomly elsewhere in the world. This can have a time limit or restriction as to how long they must wait before poofing back into the world. Currently only Pyrrhus and Amnz have this, though you can assume a lot of other gods will too as things are updated depending on whether people want this kind of immortality or not.

2) the kind of immortal where you can't poof back into existence after you are killed. You don't age, and in theory could live forever as long as you avoid fatal injuries, sickness, poisoning, ect..-pretty much anything that would kill a mortal-

3) The aging kind of immortal that is pretty much the same as #2 but the character ages physically. There may be a point in which they are and look so old and ancient that they don't go past that appearance even as they continue aging. They can still be killed in many of the same ways mortals can die, but again in theory you could live forever if you avoid fatal injuries, sickness, poisoning ect.

4) debating calling this the rebirth immortal. Basically the same as #1 but instead of poofing back into existence you are reborn and grow up immortal once again. Rebirth immortal can either mean that when the character dies they are reincarnated with or without their previous life's memories and born again as a rebirth immortal. Or a rebirth immortal can be reborn from their own dead bodies, and phoenixes are best known for this.

5) parasitic immortal is a possible name for this. They actually age like mortals and can be killed like mortals, but if they can get to someone's body before they die and kinda sprinkle them a little with their own soul; then when they do die they can be brought back to life. The best reference I have for this is Voldemort form Harry Potter and his horcrux Nagini. He basically sealed a part of himself into his pet snake so that when his body died he could reform from the bit that was left in the snake. Demons in our site are best known for this. Other more magically inclined beings can do this with particular spells too if they have the power and talent for it, but instead of attaching their soul to another creature it would be attached to an object like a seal.
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