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Thread Titles/Labels

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Thread Titles/Labels

Post by † Amnz † on Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:33 pm

Because we may have a mixed group of people age wise we must use thread titles that appropriately state what might be in them. Some of the following abbreviations must be used in the titles of your threads depending on the content of thread you plan on having.

WA = Warning Adult : These kinds of threads can have sexual content or derogatory terms and ideas that just aren't made for people younger than 18. May also have not so nice images. Viewer discretion is advised.

WB = Warning Bloody : These kinds of threads may have graphic content, images relating to horrific injuries, lots of blood, serious fighting, ect... Again this stuff might not be best for those weak of stomach, heart, or for people under 18. Viewer discretion is advised.

AG = All Good : These threads shouldn't have any serious mature topics. Younger members are only allowed to post in these threads. (Not that we'll know your younger unless you mess up and tell someone..) So keep your ages private <3

WP = Welcome Public : This thread is open to everyone and can be joined by any character.

P = Private : This thread is private. Usually the thread labeled this would be followed by the name of the person with whom they want to thread with. No one else may join these threads other than those specified. Sometimes these threads will not have any name attached, that does not mean a random person can join though. It may only mean that the person they want to thread with will be private messaged about where the thread is.

RO = Read Only : These threads are not meant to be replied to, and are generally used to further some plot or give the character in this thread some in character development.

All threads have to have some kind of label so that no one gets into trouble for anything. If a problem between members comes up to staff about a thread that was not labeled we literally can't do anything about it because it was never labeled. No one can know whether the thread was a mature one or not, and rules cannot be applied to it. Below I have an example of a thread title.

WAWP Rising Tides : This thread is WA=Warning Adult, and WP=Welcome Public which means that it will have mature themes and is open to the public. The name of the thread is Rising Tides..
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