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Opening Site Timeline

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Opening Site Timeline

Post by † Amnz † on Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:44 pm

16 to 15 billion years ago = Big bang where space and time is created.

8 billion years ago = The Aetatus galaxy was created

3.2 billion years ago =  This planet named Vitae was made

750 million years ago = Algae first evolved

450 million years ago = Soils began to build up, early amphibian fish-like sea dragons appeared, demons begin to appear, and mosses evolved soon after that.

400 million years ago =  Root growing plants evolved; the first likely to evolve being the ferns. Dangerous sea monsters begin to evolve such as the kraken, Scylla, and hydras.

340 million years ago = Early plant eating land dragon-like creatures appear

350 to 300 million years ago = Conifer plants and trees begin to grow

275 to 250 million years ago = Cycads, gingko, and gnetophytes evolve

230 million years ago = The first dinosaurs and mammals begin to appear

195 million years ago = Flying wyvern creatures evolved along side the first birds

150 million years ago
=  Flowering plants begin to grow

130 million years ago
= Modern day four legged dragons begin to appear

80 million years ago = The homely cactus begin to grow

63.4 million years ago = The first human-like reptilians evolve.

3 to 1 million years ago
= Griffons evolve along side dire wolves, mammoths, irish elk, horses, cave lions, cave bears, wolfen, were-beasts of all kinds, humans, human vampire species of demons, dwarves, and elves. Dwarves and elves being evolved a tad bit earlier than humans on that 1-3 million year scale.

1 million to 200 thousand years ago
= Both manticore's and chimera's evolve. Chimera's evolved earlier than the manticore at around 900 thousand years ago, and can trace their lineage back to one particularly inbred family of griffins. Manticore evolved much later, around 200 thousand years ago from certain magical blood lines of cave lions.

The above timeline of our planet Vitae only covers the most important species of magical and non magical creatures in our role play.

   The great continent of Teranaysia used to be many smaller continents, but much like earth, the continents move. Sometimes the continents come together much like they are in the present. Every time the continents come together they are called the great land of Teranaysia. When they are separate they may have different names depending on the cultures and creatures who live on them. Everyone has a different name for the many different geological structures of Vitae.

  Currently there is a single large continent with a huge amount of animal and plant life living upon it. The oceans are also hugely diversified in animal and plant life.

**First off, we use liquid time here. So you may have threads back dated or future dated, but be sure to date them so we know where to put them on a timeline. The wide oceans and lands of Teranaysia are now open to role play in.**
† Amnz †
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