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† Amnz † Primal goddess of the source

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† Amnz † Primal goddess of the source

Post by † Amnz † on Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:54 pm

This filled out form of myself is an example for newer members to look at. Plus I'll be putting the information into the library section.

....Basic stuff....
.... out of character (ooc) name: † Amnz †
.... current characters: Amnz
.... how you found us: I made us
....your characters name: Amnz
....your characters alias: Goddess mother
....your characters age: -infinity- She's been here since before space and time.
....your characters gender: both male and female, but she prefers using her female form.
....your characters personality: She has two distinct personalities.

One side of her is lawful neutral. She generally likes to keep to herself and watch others from afar. If you do get to talk to this half of her personality she may sound depressed and have a rather macabre air about her.  

The other side of her is chaotic good. When she is feeling adventurous or lonely she will seek out the companionship of other dragons. She may help or hinder dragons depending on how they treat her or others around themselves.
....their interests: Making things, testing out her creations, playing with her creations, observing her creations, destroying her creations.
....their likes: Amnz likes the light. She likes to see goodness in others. She loves babies and most children from all species.
....their dislikes: Amnz does not like the darkness anymore. She also does not like chaotic evil characters.
....What do they fear?: She fears the darkness coming back and the death of all her creations.
....General appearance....

....Your characters height: This can vary. She has a number of different forms she takes. Her ghostly misty form usually only hovers as high as she needs it to be, AKA the tallest height of the tallest other character present in the thread. Her full large dragon form's height is about 1/16th the length of the milky way galaxy measured from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. The second full dragon form she uses only while on a planet is about 21 foot tall at her shoulder and 83 feet tall from head to toe. Her last and smallest full dragon form is a mere 1 foot tall from head to toe. In her smallest form she only measures 3 and a half inches to at her shoulder. No one knows how big and tall she was when she was an egg or a hatchling dragon.
....Your characters length: This can vary. She has a number of different forms she takes. Amnz ghostly form can change its width just like it can change its height. Her full large dragon form's length is about 1/8th the length of the milky way galaxy measuring from her nose to her tail. The second full dragon form she uses only while on a planet is about 257 feet long from nose to tail. Her smallest dragon form is about 3 and a half feet long from nose to tail. No one knows how big and tall she was when she was an egg or a hatchling dragon.
....Scale design and color?: This can vary as she has two main forms that she can turn into. The first is her ghostly form, which has no scales and major designs. Her other dragon forms all carry the same scale designs. Her dragon scales are small, smooth, and circular shaped. They are so small that they cannot be seen unless you have microscopic vision. Her scale color is a highly reflective metallic silver. Her scales mirror the environment around her making this dragon practically disappear from view at night, while shes in the blue sky, or if she's around mist, forests, fog, or clouds.
....Fur or feather design and color?: She has feathers in a few places around the top of her head and cloaking the area just behind her head and cheeks. There are some feathers lining the top ridge of her tail which thicken at the end of it. The feathers are a dark gray in color at their center than fade into light silver at the ends and edges.
....Wing design and color? (optional if no wings at all) Amnz has no wings. She flies only by using her own energy/magic.
....Your dragons horns or spikes: She has long thin spikes around her cheeks that shorten and disappear near her chin.
....Eye shape and color?: Her eyes are oval and filled with colors ranging from blue, orange, green, and purple. The pupil is slitted, but can expand outwards until it reaches a round plumpness when she is looking into darkness. Amnz can see perfectly well in the dark as well as in the light.
....Your dragons items: (Is your dragon wearing or carrying anything?) Amnz does not wear or carry anything currently.
....Skills and Abilities....
....Physical strengths: (what amount of weight can they lift? Are they good at using weapons? Are they fast? ect..) Amnz can lift anything her own weight depending on which form she is in. In her ghostly weightless form she cannot lift barely anything, but in her large, medium, and small dragon forms she can lift large amounts of weight.
....Physical weaknesses: (What can physically hurt them? Are they not good at swimming, running, or flying? Do they have a stunted limb? ect...) She is not the best at running on all fours because her legs are rather short in comparison to her body. Regular full gods can hurt Amnz with their claws, teeth, spikes, venom, and weapons, but she cannot be killed by them. Demi gods can slightly injure her, and they definitely can't kill Amnz. The other two primal full gods can fatally injure her causing Amnz to fall into a deep sleep for who knows how long until her body regenerates and she is fully healed. The other primal gods cannot kill her without killing themselves. Only the other primal gods can seal her up with her own magic into something to keep her from roaming freely.
....Mental strengths: (Are they good at analyzing situations or other dragons? Are they Witty? Calm? Patient? ect.) This depends on which personality you look at. Her chaotic good side is a little less patient, but she stays calm when angered. Her good side is also witty. The lawful neutral side has almost infinite patience. Her neutral personality is very good at analyzing situations, other dragons, looking at the little details of things, and putting clues together.
....Mental Weaknesses: (Are they dumb? Stubborn? Naive? ect..) Her chaotic good side is impatient as has been stated just above. Amnz good side can also be stubborn. She is also a bit naive despite being a very very very old dragon.
Amnz lawful neutral side is also stubborn, but also rather depressed, and emotionless.
....Your dragons special abilities: (You can be very creative here. The admin or mods will go over the abilities to see if they are too over powered and then may ask you to remove or alter parts of them. Depending on what weaknesses you give we may allow certain amounts of special abilities.) 1)Amnz can turn into a ghostly silver, white, or black misty fog. She can only touch and lift light things like hatchling and egg sized dragons in this form. 2)She can also turn completely invisible to view the world without having to deal with the world noticing her. In her invisible form she cannot touch, feel, or lift anything. Objects will go right through her in both her ghostly form and her invisible form. 3)Amnz can breath fire, magma, earth, vines, an ice filled blast of wind, water, hurricane storm level winds, pure light or dark energy, and shoot lightning bolts out from her mouth. The reason she can breath all of these elements is because these elements require energy to create, and she is the center of energy in the universe so to speak. Everything in space and time got its energy from her. 4)Amnz can fly using her energy/magic even though she does not have wings. She is actually a master flyer, able to fly faster than light. However Darkness can travel faster than she can. 5)Amnz can give life and heal the wounds of others as well as herself. 6)Amnz can take life away from others and inflict pain upon them if she wanted to. The only dragons who she cannot take the lives of are the other two primal gods. 7)Amnz can control all energy and matter with her mind, including other life forms. This means that she can make a dragon dance the hula if she wanted to, or she can change the earths shape into an oval instead of a sphere. She cannot control the energy already locked within the two other primal gods; meaning that she can't make them move, change their shape, or control their actions in any way, but she can turn their magic on or off. If she turns off the magic flow of energy in the world then nobody can use magic or special powers at all throughout space and time. This includes other gods, demi gods, and the dark one of her two primal god siblings. She can also turn off all life energy in space and time but this would end up killing every living being including full gods, demi gods, herself and her sibling primal god of light. Amnz fears the infinite darkness so turning off life energy in the world is something she does not want to do. The primal god of darkness is the only one who would survive if Amnz turned off the life energy in space and time. This is because he would survive in the darkness of negative energy.
....What is at least one way to kill your creature?: ((We prefer you to have multiple ways for your beast to be killed so that it isn't too overpowered; however for semi, and demi gods they may only have one way to truly kill them. An admin and mods may go over this information and either be okay with what you have put down or ask that you put more ways to kill them down) If you are applying for an immortal full or primal dragon god then you can skip this) Amnz is immortal and cannot be killed because she is a dragon primal full god.  
....Role play sample....:

How long had it been since she last looked upon the living planet? She couldn't recall, and that made Amnz a little sad. She loved going to the green and blue hunk of rock in space that held many life forms that looked like herself. Other dragons were often both sad to watch and amusing to interact with. However the lean woman knew that whenever she went to visit the glittering planet something bad always happened. Last time it had been giant continent sized volcanoes exploding and dirtying up the atmosphere until a nuclear winter killed off the plant life. The only things that had survived that were creatures in the seas.

Then again she couldn't prove or disprove that the events that rocked the world sometimes changing it were all just because she visited the place. Amnz could recall maybe once or twice when she had visited and nothing bad had happened. She purposefully didn't use her power to change anything on this planet because Amnz wanted to see it grow and change on its own. So the logical side of her head mused that the environmental problems that generally happened to the planet when she visited were just coincidental. The she dragon didn't like using her powers and messing with other living beings unless she really needed to, and that almost never happened.

looking back through the mirage of stars and nebulae that blocked her view from the living planet, Amnz turned and glided through space. She headed for the planet hoping to see some cool creatures dwelling there.

The darkness was slowly receding from space as little dots of light and glowing mists spread outward from one central point. The infinite blackness was no more, but it still tried to creep into the galaxies and swallow them whole. Sometimes the darkness succeeded.  Other times blasts of energy rocked through the chasm then grouped into large colorful nebulae that glowed like fire as they created new solar systems. She loved this place dearly, but sometimes she just couldn't resist checking in on the one lonely living planet.

....Background of your character...

In the confines of tightly packed blackness Amnz came into being. At first it was only her, and there was nothing but herself in the endless plain of blackness. She floated in this black place a dark hidden figure herself since nothing could reflect off of her mirror like body.

Then after much contemplation over whether to try to kill herself or not, Amnz saw something different. A tiny flickering light swallowed by the darkness. She went to it and found a tiny glowing egg that shined like a pearl. The egg had black cracks all over its shell, and a fine mist of black shadow could be seen trying to get between the cracks to kill whatever was inside. It was then that Amnz grabbed the egg and held it tight to keep the darkness from destroying the light.

Perhaps due to Amnz's energy the egg warmed in her clutches and eventually hatched into a frail sickly baby. The child quite literally shined a light in on Amnz desolate existence. She cared for it, and when it got hungry she fed it her own sometimes volatile energy and magic.

Eventually the baby grew into a fine and beautiful dragon. However, when the dragon reached adulthood her powers went haywire because Amnz had given her too much energy. In order to keep from dying the new primal goddess of light had to shed much of her light energy and magic. This caused a huge explosion, which in turn was the beginning of space and time as we know it. Amnz energy molded the light goddess's powers into many different atoms and elements. Fine glowing mists of all colors spread through the darkness impeding on the territory of the primal god of darkness. He retaliated, as he always had, and forced his own dark energy at the two females combined powers. The power filled mists were forced to condense which started the creations of galaxies filled with stars, nebulae, and planets. Dark matter and black holes also moved throughout these mists and galaxies still trying to disrupt their paths and destroy them.

In the end a kind of balance was formed between light and dark. Amnz supplied the universe with energy and figured out that she could mold these galaxies and energies flowing throughout space. As time went by she learned a great deal of the universe that she and her sister had created. She thought she knew everything about it until one day when she spotted a unique planet.

This planet was a vibrant blue and green with wispy gray and white clouds floating across its surface. She couldn't look at it so well while in her larger form, so Amnz made herself smaller. Then she dived right onto the planet intrigued to see so many other living beings moving around on its surface. She was even more surprised to find things living in the oceans. The place had grabbed her attention like nothing before, and now she had to continue watching it.

Fast forward to present day where Amnz is keeping an eye on the characters in the ever changing story of the planet.

*Side note- No one knows whether the primal god of darkness was existing before Amnz or if he had been born along side her. Also no one knows where Amnz or the other two primal gods came from. The three primal gods cannot control time.*
† Amnz †
Primal Goddess of The Source
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