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  1. Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:26 pm
    Message by Pyrrhus - Character creation
    Ey bOss, Sooooooooooo like.
    I had an idea... But it involves making Pyr a reptilian.... So stage 1, Can Pyr be a reptilian even though it's only dragons and wyverns, Stage 2, I was thinking of making Pyr the god of Pain, Suffering, And Misery. The only catch on this is he doesn't have the power of a normal god. He doesn't inflict Pain, Suffering, And Misery. But instead majority of all the pain, suffering, and misery in the world is on his chest, like, he takes 90% of everyone's pain, suffering, and misery for the greater good. Only catch is he can't die. Tell me what you think. Also if you need help with the admin Cp which I hate dearly <3. Just ask
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