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Animals of Teranaysia

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Animals of Teranaysia

Post by † Amnz † on Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:13 am

Predator, prey, and other important animals that live in Teranaysia are listed here. There are many more that live in these lands that are not listed, but these are the ones that help or hinder our characters the most. Click on the names of the animals to learn more about them.


Various deer species
Woolly Mammoth
Herbivorous dinosaurs
Sharks of various species -These can be both prey and predator for some.
Various species of whale These can be both predator and prey for some.
Old world horse species

If you play one of the larger magical or non magical animals on site you may also prey on the smaller magical or non magical animals on site. For example, a were wolf might try to hunt a vampire down. All of the sudden a dragon comes down and attacks both the were wolf and the vampire. This means that other players may come into contact with peoples characters trying to eat them. This is where having lots of RP friends for your character would come in handy so that they can help defend you. Plus a battle system using dice rolls will eventually be implemented to help figure out fights between characters on site.

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