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Post by † Amnz † on Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:14 pm

**Firstly note that all arthropod species from our earth can be found in this RPG. What we will go over here is mainly magical versions of earth's own arthropod species. People are welcomed to make their own magical and mysterious bug to submit and we will update this area as well with the new bug. **

Fact: There are over 1,230,000 species in the arthropoda phylum!

Trilobites were arguably the first arthropods in our world. The same goes for the world of Terrae. All non magical bugs and insects may have a particular magical form that appears later in their evolution on Terrae. Most are born non magical, but some acquire magic in one way or another. Trilobites specialize in defense, and the only magical form of these creatures that have been seen on Terrae are a few species who can make their exoskeletons as hard as diamond for about ten minutes.

A few giant dragonflies somehow acquired immortality later in their evolution. The bugs still needed to eat though and when the planet's temperature got too low their food began to die off. So eventually, even after living for thousands of years the long lived dragonflies died of starvation.

Some newer species of tarantula spiders have acquired small amounts of magic that allows them to turn completely invisible. This helps while hunting their prey as well as when predators are nearby. The invisibility only lasts for about twenty minutes at a time. Then they cannot use it for another twenty four hours while they recharge their magic batteries.
† Amnz †
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