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Gods and Worship

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Gods and Worship

Post by † Amnz † on Sun Dec 06, 2015 7:24 pm

The real and true gods of Teranaysia are few and far between. Many will call themselves a god or goddess, but only those with true power will hold the rank as demi, full, or primal gods.

Demi/semi gods are those who are only half god. That means that only one of their two parents was a full god. Their powers can range between having none at all or being nearly as powerful as their godly parent. They cannot give god powers to other creatures. Demi gods can kill full gods if they are not immortal, and seriously injure full gods if given the chance.

These demi gods are far more common than the full gods and primal gods. Sometimes these demi gods are worshiped by mortals as full gods when they really aren't.

Demi gods can not be immortal, but many are long lived which means that they live far longer than their mortal half of the family. They can be killed by age, sickness, disease, poison (in most cases), magic, the elements (like an ice beam from a full god or any other elemental beam), and fatal wounds (like stab wounds to the chest, deep slashes, decapitation, a whole body of broken bones, or just being totally flattened by something extremely heavy).

There are currently no demi gods to add history here for.

Full gods are those who are born from two godly parents, or those who come into existence as full gods through creation by Amnz or another full god. Full gods can use their powers to make demi gods into full gods. However full gods cannot make a normal mortal into a god. Their power is always stronger than even the strongest demi god.

Full gods can be immortal, but some are only long lived. They can only be killed by demi, full, and primal gods. Things that will kill them are age (if not immortal), sickness(almost never), disease (rarely), poison (in some cases), magic, the elements (like an ice beam from a full/primal god or any other elemental beam), and fatal wounds (like stab wounds to the chest, deep slashes, decapitation, a whole body of broken bones, or just being totally flattened by something extremely heavy)

These are generally the gods you see mortals worshiping normally because someone somewhere saw the god using their powers and found it vastly awesome. So that being, or beings if more than one creature saw the god, then spread the word and put ideas into the heads of others to follow this gods ways. Sometimes the stories in the religions around Teranaysia are true, but many times they are not.

---- the full god of death is a god created by the primal god of darkness to help in his venture to take back the universe for himself. While the full god of death is an independent god who doesn't have to take orders from the primal god of darkness; the powers he was given to kill any and all creatures with just a single touch means that he cannot love another without killing them. Another power he cannot control is to suck the life out of all who are near. The sick, young, old and injured are generally the ones whose souls are sucked out by the god of death first. Healthy individuals can resist this power for a short time dependent on the strength of their life energy.

---- the full god of life is a god created by both primal gods of light and energy to combat the god of death. Whenever death takes a life this god makes sure another is created elsewhere. This god can also bring back those who are near death and keep them alive until they are strong enough with life energy to live on their own.

Primal gods are those who came into existence near the beginning of the universe. They are the oldest of all gods and the most powerful. There are very few of these primal gods compared to demi and full gods. They cannot be killed by either demi or full god. Only other primal gods can kill or magically seal up another primal god.

The primal god of energy in all of the universe is the dragon named Amnz. This primal god can control all matter and anti matter that has energy. This means that she can use all elements and shape or control everything in the universe.

The primal god of darkness usually takes on a male --- form. It is unknown whether he was around before Amnz and the universe or not. He controls all anti matter, black matter, negative energy, shadow, and darkness in the universe. Even the darkness in a beings heart could be controlled by this primal god. Usually his darkness tries to consume every bit of light and energy in the universe.

The primal god of light is a dragon called --unknown need a name---. She is distinctly female, and produces all light in the universe.

The primal god of time in all of existence is --unknown need a name---. This primal god controls time however cannot touch or physically change anything in the universe. This god does not need to eat, sleep, or even breath. Much like a ghost it can only flip through the channels of time to see the universe and its inhabitants form, grow, survive, and die off. This primal god can be heard by living beings, but cannot be seen or touched.
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