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This is the character form to use!

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This is the character form to use!

Post by † Amnz † on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:50 pm

This role play game is meant to be for both beginner and advanced role players. The minimum word count is 25 words and there is no maximum.  If you would like to join the game please post using this form below.

....Basic stuff....
.... out of character (ooc) name: (This is your username not your real life name. Since some users have more than one character this helps us to know who you are)
.... current characters:
.... how you found us:
....your characters name:
....your characters alias:
....your characters species: (are they a dragon, reptile, mammal, bug, demon, ect from our list of creatures...)
....your characters age:
....your characters gender:
....your characters personality:
....their interests:
....their likes:
....their dislikes:
....What do they fear?:
....General appearance....
....Your characters height:
....Your characters length:
....Scale design and color?: (Or does it not have scales?)
....Fur or feather design and color?: (optional if no feathers/fur at all)
....Wing design and color? (optional if no wings at all)
....Your dragons horns or spikes: (optional)
....Eye shape and color?:
....Your dragons items: (Is your dragon wearing or carrying anything?)
....Skills and Abilities....
....Physical strengths: (what amount of weight can they lift? Are they good at using weapons? Are they fast? ect..)
....Physical weaknesses: (What can physically hurt them? Are they not good at swimming, running, or flying? Do they have a stunted limb? ect...)
....Mental strengths:  (Are they good at analyzing situations or other dragons? Are they Witty? Calm? Patient? ect.)
....Mental Weaknesses: (Are they dumb? Stubborn? Naive? ect..)
....Your dragons special abilities: (You can be very creative here. The admin or mods will go over the abilities to see if they are too over powered and then may ask you to remove or alter parts of them. Depending on what weaknesses you give we may allow certain amounts of special abilities.)
....What is at least one way to kill your dragon?: ((We prefer you to have multiple ways for your dragon to be killed so that it isn't too overpowered; however for dragon semi, and demi gods they may only have one way to truly kill them. An admin and mods may go over this information and either be okay with what you have put down or ask that you put more ways to kill them down) If you are applying for an immortal full or primal dragon god then you can skip this)
....Role play sample....:
....Background of your character....: (This is optional for regular applications here on Teranaysia, but if you are moving one character from another site to this one and want to keep them basically the same with all their own history you will have to put it here.)

....Site link where you character came from....: (This is needed if you are keeping an old character and moving them to this site with all of their old history form the other site. If you are just making a new character though you don't have to put anything here.)

....Other site application....: (If your character is totally new and has no history off this site you can leave this blank. If you are moving your character from another site that it is already accepted on please put /by copy pasting/ the same application you used on that site right here and make the word size 10. This is needed so that we can go over the old application as well as the new one and makes it easier for you to copy paste things from one application to our own.)
† Amnz †
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